General questions


  • What parents have to provide to their children?
    • Everything is provided for your child to eat. You can nevertheless provide a napkin well as a glass
  • Which lunch box will you be using?
    • We have chosen the MonBento products which have the best resistance qualities. www.monbento.com
  • Does my child have to bring me his empty lunch box for washing?
    • No. At the end of the lunch break, the lunch boxes are collected for washing. You don't have to worry about it.



  • Are there quantities by age?
    • Yes. There are 3 different quantities: For PS to CP, for CE1 to CM2 and for 6ème to Terminale
  • Do you manage food allergies or special menus?
    • for now, our organization does not allow us to manage specific cases. Your child can continue to bring a lunch box prepared by you.
  • Will the menus be displayed?
    • Yes, you can find them on the site by clicking here
  • There are 2 types of menus?
    • Yes, we wanted to offer a “without meat menu” for your personal convenience.
  • Are the meals organic?
    • We made the choice of a reasonable meal price. The products are mostly fresh and prepared the day before. But we do not guarantee the organic designation.



  • Do I have to buy a lunch box?
    • No. We simply ask you for a fee of € 10 when you sign up for the subscription
  •  How can I pay for the subscriptions?
    • by direct debit (to be confirmed)
  • How long is the subscription?
    • The subscription is planned for the current school year
  • I want to stop or modify my subscription
    • You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time. A notice of 1 calendar month is necessary to stop your subscription. In the event of a one-off modification (for a school trip for example), the notice period is 10 calendar days
  • My child is sick today. Will I pay for the meal of the day
    • Yes. In the event of an unforeseen absence, the lunch box will be charged.
  • My child is going on a school trip, will I pay for the lunch boxes?
    • No. This is an expected absence. But you must notify us at least 10 calendar days before his absence
  • What is the time between requesting a subscription and the first lunch box delivered to my child
    • It takes 5 days to take into account the subscription (food management, administrative management)
    • You will receive a confirmation email confirming that the subscription has been set up


Occasional – punctual orders

  • Do I have to buy the box / lunch box?
    • No. We manage the container for you.
  • What happens if my child does not return the lunch box?
    • It is essential that your child return his dirty lunch box to us so that we can wash it and reuse it. In case of non-return, costs of 30 € will be claimed.
  • How can we pay for the occasional lunch box?
    • Payment is made via iDEAL (with a Dutch bank account)


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